AOG Services

——- Reduced Downtime ——-

We understand that there’s a real sense of urgency when it comes to aircraft incidents, investigations of specific flight events and engineering reports that could result to aircraft repairs or aircraft immobilization. Our FDR and CVR AOG Services are a cost-effective data and audio processing service that allows airlines and MRO to quickly process their FDR data and/or CVR audio recordings and return their aircraft to service as fast as possible.

With our FDR AOG readout or CVR AOG readout services, we support engineering personnel and maintenance departments allowing them to investigate and make fast decisions related to the release of an aircraft, or plan further maintenance based on in-depth parameter analysis.

As your FDR flight data and CVR audio analysis partner, our priority is to reduce downtime as much as possible and assist you with your compliance needs and operations continuity. We strive to get your aircraft back on-line and minimize impact on your business. As partners, we can embed our expertise at the heart of your decision-making process on-demand. We can assist your engineering, maintenance or safety departments investigate specific parameters or incidents, expedite a lease return/delivery, speed up an aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) reissuance with your local CAA… or facilitate any other time critical data analysis.

Naturally faster than a standard readout, our contractual customers benefit from a 24/7 hotline access ensuring that they will always reach out to an expert when it matters most. Based on the criticality of the situation, we can dedicate resources to perform your FDR and CVR AOG readout within a couple of days and sometimes as fast as within few hours of receiving your data. Our team of experts will maintain regular communication with you during the AOG analysis process, helping you be ahead of the curve and providing you with swift services and peace of mind at time of crisis. This is affordable boutique support!

——- Cost Mitigation ——-

Traditionally, any AOG services are synonymous with high costs. Costs related to urgent maintenance tasks, expensive price mark-ups due to prioritization of your request and inoperability/unproductivity of your aircraft, which is a highly precious asset and the primary source of revenue for any airline.

Having been “on the other side of the barrier” in those situations in the past, we at Orient Star Pacific understand the frustration, stress and pressure that AOG situations can generate. Additionally, we don’t see those urgent times as opportunities to “milk” our distressed customers, imposing double or sometimes triple price mark-ups.

We first seek to understand the nature of the emergency and always price our FDR AOG data analysis and CVR AOG audio readouts reasonably. We also adapt our AOG turnaround time to the urgency of your situation, further mitigating your indirect cost exposure.

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