Our Boutique Values

Our strong values are not just vain words to decorate a company statement on a website. They form part of our company culture and are deeply rooted in everything we do. They guide the way we work with our customers, business partners and with each other internally.

Through quality, integrity, proximity, accountability, passion, simplicity and a focus on our customers, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive, and success can flourish.


Customer focus is deeply embedded into our mindset. We partner with our customers to satisfy their needs and deliver benefits through valuable solutions. We are committed to providing high-quality services and products. We meet the mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes. The OSP team commits itself to quality standards in our contracts and constantly strive to exceed them. We review the quality of our deliverables alongside our customers every year to ensure we systematically meet and satisfy their needs and expectations.


Respect guides us in our daily interactions. We respect each other, our customers and our services. We show respect to all parties involved in our daily operations with a commitment to integrity and ethics. As a result of our long-standing commitment to our niche industry, we value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas.

As an independent data analysis and readout center, we guarantee neutrality and impartiality in the way we process data and report analysis outcomes. This value nurtures trust between parties, including reliance from national civil aviation authorities on our readouts and therefore contributes to reliable regulation compliance for our customers.


Founded by two aerospace professionals with decades of industry experience, passion and a deep understanding of customer needs and their operational constraints constitute the core of our company’s project. We are passionate about our business and committed to the services we provide. As a dedicated FDR & CVR readout specialist, we don’t treat this task as an afterthought or a secondary service in a larger maintenance offering.

We have the will to learn and grow, and we always seek honest feedback to keep improving the way we serve our customers and the industry as a whole. Our passion for aviation and the willingness to contribute to its safety, reliability and efficiency always fuel decisions and actions.


In an industry known for its complexity and advanced technology, we strive for simplicity and continually seek to improve processes, procedures and deliverables. By reintroducing simplicity in the way we serve and interact with our customers, we promote readability and efficiency of the services we provide. Our staff is always contactable and available to help. No convoluted process will clutter the way we assist our customers, from the way we submit proposals to the way we process purchase orders or deliver readout reports. We always deal with all stakeholders and arising issues directly and openly and never shy away from accountability or assistance requests, even after delivery.


In an industry largely driven by technological advances and complex processes, manuals and regulations, dehumanization has become an issue: often times, dozens of direct and indirect stakeholders across several departments are involved in a simple task. At Orient Star Pacific, we know our customers and they know us personally, from the directors to the analysts, from finance to production, we aim at constantly supporting you throughout every touch-point of your “customer experience journey”. We place relationships and helping people at the heart of our daily routine.


We love seeing our people succeed, achieving results and celebrating them while helping them be their best, through coaching, training and regular feedback. We pride ourselves in giving back to the community thanks to our results.

With a “can-do” attitude, our team is driven to get the job done, make the “tough calls” when needed and go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our team of dedicated professionals embrace those values when they join us and our customers can only witness and benefit from them if they ultimately contribute to their bottom lines and the fulfillment of their operational and financial requirements.

We call our approach to professional values and corporate culture the Boutique Way!

So, if you’ve had enough dealing with impersonal providers, vague terms and conditions, variable commitment to on-time delivery, lack of accountability when things go wrong, automatic computer-generated responses in times of urgency or bouncing off “the wrong guy” when you need help the most… contact us today and find out what Boutique Support truly means. We’re here for you!