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——- Knowledge Is Everything ——-

From experience, Orient Star Pacific has noticed that few aircraft technicians have received dedicated FDR training or CVR training. This is only logical since FDR and CVR equipment are only a small component on the aircraft (albeit a no-go item) and most technicians are required to have a wide spectrum of expertise across all aircraft parts and components. We at Orient Star Pacific are Jacks of one trade: FDR and CVR readout. That’s what we do, days in days out. As such, we believe imparting FDR & CVR knowledge to help optimize your readout process is part of our mission.

The FDR and CVR readout process is usually performed annually, which means that your technicians might seldom have to conduct tasks related to the completion of the annual readout process, including downloading flight or audio data from the respective FDR & CVR units on-board. This irregular process can lead to some errors and affect the quality, validity and viability of the downloaded data, which in turn can compromise the FDR or CVR readout.

From experience, inadequate downloading techniques and procedures are the number one source of data corruption and invalidity, rendering the proper completion of the FDR and CVR readout process impossible. This can affect your operations in a variety of ways, such as:

  • longer or repeated aircraft immobilization
  • delayed return into service
  • additional maintenance costs due to:
    • necessary re-download of data
    • extra man-hours
    • additional usage of tools
  • delayed submission of CofC to authorities due to delayed readout
  • allocation of staff on a non-productive task

In order to eliminate downtime, unnecessary costs and frustration, Orient Star Pacific has developed a set of awareness sessions to guide your technical maintenance team in implementing best downloading techniques and develop FDR and CVR compliance procedures.


——- FDR Awareness Training & CVR Awareness Training ——-

Processing dataOrient Star Pacific offers FDR Awareness Training courses and CVR Awareness Training courses allow your team to refresh and enhance their expertise about FDR & CVR functions, compliance requirements, test techniques and best flight data and audio file retrieval practices.

Each FDR and CVR Awareness Training session last half a day, minimizing your team immobilization, while yet equipping them with the necessary knowledge to implement best handling practices that will guarantee your mandatory readouts are performed with no delays.

To know more about our unique FDR & CVR Awareness Training courses, inquire about curriculum and cost, please contact us now.


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