FDR Data Readout

——- Dedication & Expertise ——-

Orient Star Pacific is a dedicated FDR data readout and analysis center. As opposed to most maintenance providers (MRO), our niche business model is purely focused on providing quality flight data analysis to airlines and private aircraft operators. As such, we do not treat your Flight Data Recorder readout needs as a sideline in a larger service scope. We have developed specific expertise over the years in order to analyze any DFDR type your aircraft might be equipped with… regardless of your configuration, we’ve got you covered. From recorders rated at 64 wps to 1024 wps, from Airbus to Boeing and ATR to Embraer, we can assist with your annual FDR readout needs.

Here are some aircraft types we have extended FDR readout and analysis expertise on:

  • AIRBUS: A300-600, A310-300, A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 CEO / A320NEO / A321NEO, A330-200 / A330-300, A350-900
  • BOEING: B737-300 / B737-400 / B737-500 (Classic), B737-600 / B737-700 / B737-800 / B737-900 (NG), B747-400, B757-200, B767-200, B767-300, B777-200 / B777-300
  • ATR: ATR 72-200 / ATR72-500 / ATR72-600, ATR42-300 / ATR42-500 / ATR42-600
  • AVRO/BAE: Avro RJ-85 / RJ-100, BAE 146-100 / BAE-146-200 / BAE146-300
  • EMBRAER: ERJ-145, EMB E170 / E175 / E190 / E195
  • BOMBARDIER: DHC-8 Q400 / Q300 / Q200, CRJ100 / CRJ200 / CRJ700 / CRJ900
  • MCDONNELL DOUGLAS: MD-11, MD-82, MD-83, MD-88, MD-90
  • FOKKER: F100, F70, F50
  • DORNIER: Do-328-100

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——- Efficiency & Affordability ——-

As your FDR data analysis and readout partner, Orient Star Pacific helps you save on maintenance costs and optimize your operations and business continuity. As a pure flight data processing center, we help you streamline your annual mandatory FDR readout process by eliminating the following:

  • No Flight Data Recorder unit removal from the aircraft
  • No FDR unit shipping costs
  • No risks of equipment damage
  • No risks associated to custom clearances
  • No aircraft immobilization
  • No FDR unit re-certification & re-calibration associated costs

Those cost saving advantages are intrinsically inherent to our business model as a flight data readout center. But outsourcing to Orient Star Pacific comes with further cost saving benefits, since maintaining a dedicated in-house FDR readout expertise in your airline implies inefficient and very low return on investments. Indeed, regardless of your fleet size, annual FDR analysis and readout requirements mean you seldom use this internal expertise. We help you maximize your human and financial assets by focusing on running your airlines safely and efficiently. With Orient Star Pacific:

  • No more FDR readout training costs
  • No more new dataframe development costs upon new aircraft type EIS
  • No more software investment and software update costs
  • No more loss of capability due to staff turnover

Value for money is important and we appreciate how competitive our industry is. At Orient Star Pacific we go above and beyond to compound those cost saving benefits and make your money go the extra mile. As such, we pride ourselves providing you with quality FDR readout reports, fast and at a fraction of the industry average cost.


——- Compliance & Customization ——-

Most Civil Aviation Authorities around the world mandate one FDR readout per aircraft per year, to ensure the unit serviceability. As a core safety equipment and no-go item on board your aircraft, it is paramount that proper analysis techniques are adhered to to verify proper recording of all mandatory parameters… and beyond!

Indeed, at Orient Star Pacific we believe that just “ticking the box” is not sufficient. In line with our top-compliance and value-for-money philosophy, we do not limit ourselves at analyzing the mandatory parameter list… if it’s recorded, we will report it. Many providers in the industry tend to stick to the minimum number of parameters, yet hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of parameters are recorded on new frames… we help you put those parameters to work for you, at no additional cost.

Additionally, we appreciate that several stakeholders might be involved in your FDR analysis process and within this process, needs and interests might vary depending on who is involved (CAMO, Safety, Engineering, Quality, etc.). In this spirit, Orient Star Pacific readout report templates are highly customizable and allow specific items to highlighted to adjust to those diverse needs, without ever compromising compliance.

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