Flight Data Recorders & Flight Data Analysis

In the aviation industry, flight data analysis (FDA) and Flight data recorders (FDR) act as critical maintenance and safety tools utilized by all airlines. This is a process where an operator identifies and addresses aircraft maintenance and flight operational risks.

Airline maintenance and safety departments looking to process, analyze, troubleshoot and remedy flight operations or maintenance issues, can be assisted with the support of experts in the aviation industry. This is usually a third party expert who can offer a distinct set of knowledge and skills in the area of flight data analysis and flight data readout protocols.

The process is a protective measure that helps to reduce aircraft operational hazards. We at Orient Star Pacific specialize in data analysis for both cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders, with a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to the safety and compliance of our clients worldwide. The Orient Star Pacific team is considered by many to offer the best flight data services and CVR audio replay services in the industry.

What is flight data analysis (FDA)?

It is a process that helps in organizing and monitoring flight data with the aim of improving aircraft maintenance operations and flight safety. The flight data analysis is done on a yearly basis for maintenance FDR readouts and on a daily basis for flight safety purposes. The FDR annual maintenance involves data downloading, raw data extraction, validation of raw data, definition and conversion of recorded parameters in engineering units, logical calculation of various flight parameters, parameter validity analysis, etc. The data is compiled according to its chronological order and then represented by forming various graphs, charts, and tables.

Why airlines need to perform FDR flight data readouts and CVR audio readouts?

  • The crucial function of flight data readouts is to identify and assess the health and compliant operation of aircraft recording systems as well as the integrity of the recordings stored in the FDR and CVR crash survival memory modules. The same requirement applies to CVR audio replays and CVR readouts.
  • The importance of the flight data readouts and cockpit voice readouts is highlighted by all international and national aviation authorities and it is a mandatory task that airlines have to perform and conform with it.

What is a flight data recorder (FDR)?

Flight recorders, often called “black boxes” are devices designed to record flight data and cockpit audio during flights. Flight data recorders record various flight parameters, whereas Cockpit voice recorders record the acoustic environment of the flight deck, including the conversation of the pilots.

The two flight recorders are required by international regulations, overseen by the International Civil Aviation Organization, to be capable of surviving the conditions likely to be encountered in a severe aircraft accident. For this reason, they are typically specified to withstand an impact of 3400 g and temperatures of over 1,000 °C (1,830 °F), as required by EUROCAE ED-112.

The inspection of FDR and CVR recorders

As mentioned above, international regulations such as ICAO, state that annual inspection of FDR and CVR units should be carried out by operators to ensure the correct function of the recording devices and the integrity of the recorded information. More specifically, ICAO Annex 6, Part I is states the following:

  1. “The FDR readout of the recorded data should ensure that the recorder operates correctly for the nominal duration of recording”.
  2. “The analysis of the FDR should evaluate the quality of the recorded data to determine the nature and distribution of the errors”.
  3. “The FDR data from a complete flight should be examined in engineering units to evaluate the validity of all recorded parameters”.
  4. “Attention should be given to parameters from sensors dedicated to the FDR as failures of these sensors can’t be detected by other aircraft systems”.
  5. “The readout facility should have the necessary means to accurately convert the recorded raw values to engineering units, including discrete signals”.
  6. “Flight recorder systems should be considered unserviceable if there is a significant period of poor quality recordings or if mandatory parameters are not recorded correctly”.
  7. “A readout report of the annual inspection should be made available on request to the regulatory authority for monitoring purposes”.

Meet your regulatory requirements with FDR readout & CVR readout reports

If you are planning to support your operations, it is critically important to hire the right experts who will help provide the most comprehensive analysis solution that fits your needs at a competitive price that also helps you mitigate your cost exposure on a recurrent maintenance task. Orient Star Pacific being an industry leader has the resources, technology and competent team to offer the best quality of flight data services with rapid turnaround time at the best price.

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