The Best Aviation News Sites

Even before the global pandemic began, being up to date with aviation news is important for potential customers and businesses alike. But in the digital age, it can prove difficult to find a reliable source that brings relevant and up to date information.

Aviation news and regulations

A lot of people are concerned with how airlines and airports work, especially those who’ve never boarded a airplane in their lives. It’s not rare for people to look for information online on simple processes as to how to pass through customs. However, new flyers are not the only ones who look for information on aviation online.

Frequent flyers are constantly looking out for new rules or regulations, and even outside factors that may affect their travel process as at current global pandemic has. Even businesses must be on the lookout for news and changes that may affect how they operate.

At times, regulations might not be what you’re looking for. At times, innovations or events may have a great impact on the market or provide potential customers with great travel opportunities. In truth, there is a lot of information and reasons to remain up to date with the world of aviation’s news, but where can we find relevant and reliable information online?

Enter newsletters and journalists

There are journalists who focus on gathering information on the world of aviation. There writers often gather information that is relevant to both customers and businesses, and the write all about it on the site they work for, or even their own blogs.

However, even if the constantly keep their medium with new information regularly, we might not check their site on a busy schedule and potentially miss vital information. This is why most journalists and news sites also feature a newsletter to send summaries and even notification to their readers on a regular basis.

Not only does this make staying up to date with aviation news a task that can be fitted on a work schedule; it can also serve as great way to notify readers of highly important news with unscheduled special bulletin reports. It’s similar to working with a magazine subscription, only you give the audience an end and facilitate interaction.

Flight Global

Flight Global is subscription based website that brings news about the aviation industry on a global scale. While the news articles they present can be read free of charge, they offer the following benefit to their premium users.

  • 24/7 access to all FlightGlobal content, including the latest from Flight International and Airline Business
  • Access to the Flight International magazine on either digital or print format, as well as digital editions of Flight Dailies
  • Premium Daily alerts on key stories of the day
  • Exclusive interviews with industry leaders
  • Member discounts on Flight Global conferences and events

Flight Global also offers a premium corporate package which grants all benefit listed above for your team. The site not only provides news information on airlines, but most of the aviation industry, including helicopters, events, and even military updates.

They also provide information on upcoming webinars, as well as employment opportunities for pilots and engineers.

Fifty Sky Shades

Fifty Sky Shades is a young aviation news website which brings information of the aviation world on a global scale, as well as other topics of interest. They even feature an app called Aviation Pulse, which also brings its users news about aviation.

While the site is not subscription based, users can register to recieve a weekly newsletter with relevant information. Creating an account grants the following benefits:

  • Receive personalized interest based content
  • The option of becoming a blogger on the site
  • Gain access to the vacancy section and the ability to apply for jobs
  • Simplified support access
  • Usage on their IOS and Android applications

The site divides its relevant news and topics in different sections named accordingly. Some of these categories are Airlines, Airports, Finance, Maintenance, Manufacturer, and several others.

They also have an events section where they not only inform their users about events, they also have a global map indicating on which part of the world they will be held; each event gets a marking on the map appropriately.

The jobs section contains vacancies for different positions within the aviation industry, from pilots and engineers, to salespersons and managers, from different parts of the world.

Asian Aviation

Asian Aviation started of as an aviation magazine in Singapore, and has become a reliable source of information on the industry on the Asia-Pacific region. While the site focuses mostly on the Asian aviation industry, they will provide news about ongoing events on other regions such as Unites States and how they affect Asian Aviation.

The site publishes news of interest for both customers and businesses regarding airlines and airports, as well as cargo. Asian Aviation not only delves into the travel business, but also provides news on different sections involving military topics and choppers.

Besides the information they provide on their website and online registration to help users stay up to date with updates, Asian Aviation still works on their magazine. Their news and magazine bring relevant information on these topics:

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Ground handling
  • Airlines
  • Helicopters
  • Airports
  • Legal
  • Avionics
  • IFE
  • MRO & Upgrades
  • Cargo
  • OEMs
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Para Military
  • Domestic & regional airlines
  • Regional carriers
  • Finance & leasing
  • Security
  • Flight training
  • Simulation and training

CD-Aviation International

CD-Aviation International is an independent aviation consultant and investment advisor who focuses on aiding governments, civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and investors. Some of their services include:

  • Airline consulting
  • Asset management
  • Airport consulting
  • Aviation investment
  • Aircraft sales and leasing

Their website contains different sections for each of the different services they provide, discuss their strategies and provide relevant information useful to interested parties. However in order to keep them relevant, they themselves need to keep up to date with aviation news; and they do just that, and make sure you are as well.

They have a section dedicating to international aviation news, showcasing the most relevant and latest at the top, and including other relevant information on different categories. They make sure to include some of this news on their services section, provided they are relevant and useful to the topic. CD-Aviation International is an excellent partner for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Choosing a news source

Every aviation news website has a focus on a specific subject that makes them stand out from all others. Some might be more general like focusing on news of a specific region, but even those sites will bring to your attention worldwide news that might affect the region in question.

It is best choose a news site keeping their focus in mind and the way they bring the news to their readers. If you have a choice between 3 sites with the same focus, the decision comes down to the tone and features the suit your interests best. Some sites might have a more casual approach to include customers as well as businesses; while others might target business readers only.

It is also good to look for features that might notify you of important news and events; as well as weekly newsletters, as these make the process of staying up to date much easier, rather than blindly looking for something of relevance and potentially miss something important.

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