What went wrong with the Boeing 737 MAX design?

The Boeing 737 MAX is a commercial aircraft with new generation equipment and modern design, offering high quality and comfort to its passengers. However the aircraft experienced 2 disasters within 5 months of each other, resulting to all Boeing 737 MAX to be grounded. What went wrong with this Boeing variant? Boeing’s model 737 MAX … Read more

What the Coronavirus Means for Aviation in Asia

The current global pandemic has greatly affected life and business around the globe. Ever since February 2020, most airports were closed to commercial flights, with some of them remaining closed to the present day. But how the global pandemic has affected aviation in Asia, and is the damage reversible? The Novel Corona Virus The COVID19 … Read more

What is a Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

A Flight Data Recorder or FDR is a vital component required to be onboard all commercial aircraft. These devices record valuable information that can help determining the cause of an accident or incident and prevent them from occurring again in the future. However, even with this device onboard, without routine maintenance and annual maintenance readouts, … Read more

The Guide to Cockpit Voice Recorders & Audio Files

Cockpit Voice Recorders provide information to accident investigators in addition to the information they can retrieve from FDR data. However, just like the FDR, the CVR improved considerably over the years, granting improved audio quality, longer recording times and greater crash survival rates. What is a Cockpit Voice Recorder? A Cockpit Voice Recorder or CVR … Read more

All You Need To Know About Flight Data Recorder Manufacturers

Flight data recorders are installed on aircraft with the purpose of gathering flight information. FDRs have come a long way from the late 30s and early 60s to the present day, with several manufacturers existing on the market. Who are the leading flight data recorder manufacturers today? Flight Data Recorders (FDR) Flight recorders have been … Read more

The Best Aviation News Sites

Even before the global pandemic began, being up to date with aviation news is important for potential customers and businesses alike. But in the digital age, it can prove difficult to find a reliable source that brings relevant and up to date information. Aviation news and regulations A lot of people are concerned with how … Read more

Flight Data Recorders & Flight Data Analysis

In the aviation industry, flight data analysis (FDA) and Flight data recorders (FDR) act as critical maintenance and safety tools utilized by all airlines. This is a process where an operator identifies and addresses aircraft maintenance and flight operational risks. Airline maintenance and safety departments looking to process, analyze, troubleshoot and remedy flight operations or … Read more